Nutty Bingo – Welcome to the Nuthouse. Get £25 Free on your £10 Deposit.

Welcome to the Nuthouse £50!

Join us in the Nuthouse every night from 7pm 'til 9pm where you can get involved with all the Nutty Fun! The pot is fixed at £50 for every game, so play tonight, have a chat and win some cash!

There is always plenty of cool things happening in the Nuthouse every week, including our super awesome Nuthouse Tuesdays, Roomie of the Week, Special Bonus Codes and Mystery Prizes!

Nuthouse Tuesdays with

Every Tuesday there's an extra special Bonus Prize to be won, to get your hands on the prize, just bingo in under 56 calls between 7pm and 9pm! We are giving away prizes to every player who bingos in under 56 calls every Tuesday, so you've got plenty of chances to win!

That's not all! On Tuesdays we also join forces with and give away 2,000 BingoPort Port Points and 1,000 Nutty Bingo Loyalty Points to all winners of Nuthouse chat games!

Mystery Prize

Each week we will give away a Mystery Prize!

We will announce on the day via email and Facebook that we are giving a prize and the player who wins the most Full Houses on that night will win!

Just make sure you're in the room and playing on the day the prize is announced!

Claiming BingoPort Port Points

To claim your Port Points in the Nuthouse, simply send us your BingoPort username. Don't worry if you're not a BingoPort member yet, we will keep a record of your Chat Game wins and will credit your account later if you join.

You can advise us of your BingoPort username by:

  1. Telling the Chat Host your BingoPort username during the Nuthouse Tuesday 2 hour period
  2. Emailing your BingoPort username to
  3. Linking your Nutty Bingo account to your BingoPort account from the Nutty Bingo members area

Port Points can be used for playing free bingo at BingoPort or for redeeming in their online shop.

Already have an account at BingoPort? Click Here to redeem your Port Points

Terms and conditions

  • The Nuthouse Tuesday's refers to a single 2-hour promotion period of 7:00pm to 9:00pm Tuesday night in a single week, British Standard Time, and does not represent a single hour of time
  • The Bonus Prize will be announced on Facebook and by the Chat Host each Tuesday
  • The Mystery prize will be announced on Facebook and by the chat host on the night of the game
  • The Bonus Prize and Mystery Prize will be awarded to players who Full House in under 56 calls between 7pm and 9pm each Tuesday. A maximum of 1 prize per person per week, if you bingo more than once in under 56 calls on one night you'll only be eligible to claim 1 prize
  • In the event of a tie, the value of the prizes will be split equally between all winners and credited in bonus cash within 72 hours
  • BingoPort Points can only be earned by winning Chat Games in the Nuthouse Room on between 7:00pm and 9:00pm Tuesday nights
  • BingoPort Points can only be redeemed at and cannot be exchanged for Loyalty Points, bonus cash, or real cash
  • Players who do not have an account at will have their Port Points winnings kept on record for 6 months only. After that time, points will be void
  • This promotion is open to funded players only
  • Prizes may not represent the pictures used to promote the prizes on this website
  • Nutty Bingo may alter these terms and conditions at any time
  • Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery (5 weeks for players outside of the UK) for the Bonus Prize
  • All players will be required to confirm their name and postal address before the Bonus Prize is delivered
  • Standard Nutty Bingo terms and conditions apply.

Last updated 12/01/17